The Team

Allison Kermode

Allison Kermode is a Professor of Biological Sciences and Member of the Centre for Coastal Science and Management ( at Simon Fraser University. Her research programs range from the biology and conservation of tree seeds to the development of therapeutics for rare childhood genetic diseases. With a special connection to the Spirit bear, and a passion for protecting the treasures of the natural environment of BC, she was inspired in earlier years by the film “Koyaanisqatsi” – meaning "life out of balance" or "a state of life that calls for another way of living". Propelled by the urgency to protect our oceans, coastlines and forests, and revere all the beautiful wildlife that they support, Allison and her partners developed the Take a Stand program to move beyond the traditional to galvanize youth to instill public education through art and film and to inspire youth-driven ‘tipping point’ conservation actions.

Norm Hann

Norm Hann is a professional stand up paddleboarder who spends his time training, racing, exploring remote locations on his SUP and continuing to share the sport in Canada. Based in Squamish, BC, Norm runs his own company expedition company which provides sup training and multiday sup expeditions. He has worked in the Great Bear Rainforest for more than 15 years as a guide, teacher and expedition leader during which time he developed a special relationship with the community of Hartley Bay. In 2006 he was adopted into the Gitga’at First Nation and given the name T’aam Laan, which means “Steersman of the Canoe”. In 2010, Norm paddle boarded the 400 km proposed oil tanker route from Kitimat to Bella Bella, British Columbia, called Standup4Greatbear, it brought awareness to the threat of this oil on the wildlife and food harvesting areas of the First Nations people along the route. Since then Norm has also been a part of the award winning film Stand, now available on Netflix, which has brought more awareness the protecting coastlines in British Columbia.

Nicolas Teichrob

Nicolas Teichrob is an award-winning photographer/filmmaker who holds a Master of Science degree in Geography/Geology. His unique eye has garnered many accolades while his photos have been published internationally in skiing, biking, and surfing media outlets. Nicolas seeks to expand the collective awareness of environmental issues while encouraging outdoor recreation and exploration of our wild places. Nicolas is the co-producer of STAND film (2013) which has been touring internationally and has won 8 international film festival awards. The creative hub of Roberts Creek, BC has shaped much of Nicolas' imagery and continues to be a strong influence on his work.

Anthony Bonello

Anthony Bonello is an adventure filmmaker based in Whistler, B.C. Anthony brings a honed style of storytelling to film, which transports viewers beyond geography to convey the feel of a place and its people. The founder of b4apres Media, he independently produced Azadi:Freedom (2010) and co-produced STAND (2013), which have both won numerous awards internationally. Anthony currently is a producer with Switchback Entertainment where his work is focused on ski travel and exploration.

Center for Coastal Management and Science

The Take A Stand program is supported by the Centre for Coastal Science and Management (CCSM) at Simon Fraser University through central involvement and in-kind contributions from Dr. Patricia Gallaugher and Laurie Wood. The Centre promotes interdisciplinary research, education and dialogue on Canada's coastal ecosystems, particularly those in British Columbia. By linking social and natural science with local knowledge, the Centre focuses on three key themes: Coastal and marine conservation, adaptation to climate change, and building resource management capacity at the government, community, and academic levels.

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