The Take a Stand youth outreach program is specifically geared towards helping educators meet environmentally-oriented prescribed learning objectives (PLOs) in science, social studies, and fine arts. Appropriate for both elementary and secondary school students (Gr. 3-12), the Take a Stand program was developed to showcase our unique coastal wilderness, home to rich First Nations cultures, diverse and productive oceans, and the largest remaining temperate rainforest. To achieve our objectives, our group at the Centre for Coastal Science and Management at Simon Fraser University (SFU) has partnered with the creators of STAND, an award-winning documentary film that uses surfing and stand up paddleboarding to showcase the ecological, cultural, and aesthetic value of the West Coast. Through school visits centered around STAND screenings, discussions with filmmakers, and interactive activities, we aim to foster environmental stewardship in youth across the province and empower students to become agents of effective social and environmental change in their communities. Last but not least, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we are pleased to offer this program completely free of charge to participating schools!

The Take a Stand program comprises:

  • Introduction by Director & SFU Professor Allison Kermode, highlighting the goals and scope of the Take a Stand program, youth contests & opportunities for youth (10 min).
  • Interactive presentation on the Great Bear Rainforest, film screening of STAND, and highlights of youth video contest hosted by Stand filmmakers Norm Hann, Nicolas Teichrob & Anthony Bonello (approx. 80 mins).
  • Optional hosting of Community Action Programs at schools that include graduate student mentors and lightening talks by local conservation organizations to encourage youth to take action on environmental issues in their own communities.
  • A Video Contest launched in conjunction with the presentation tour invites students to find their voice by producing a short film on what they love and want to protect in nature.
  • A Community Innovation Contest challenges students to come up with new ideas to enhance environmental awareness in the public, combat climate change, reduce waste, or save at-risk wildlife.

To inquire about making a booking for your school, please contact:

For a printable program brochure featuring select PLOs, click here.

For a printable list of all environmentally-oriented PLOs addressed by the Take A Stand program, click here.

For an annual report of our program's activities and successes in the 2015 school year, click here.

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