Coastal Insights Season 3: Hope, equity and advocacy

We partnered with Raincoast Conservation Foundation to present Season 3 of the online education series, Coastal Insights. The series consists of 6 webinars that can be viewed through Raincoast’s Facebook and Youtube channels.

The theme of this webinar series is hope, equity and advocacy which will showcase youth who are tackling these topics despite the significant challenges the world faced over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. The series will include interviews with youth, scientists, journalists, psychologists and wellness experts who can all speak to the experiences and challenges young people are facing right now.

Research suggests that many people, especially young people, are feeling more overwhelmed, anxious and depressed overall in their lives. Symptoms of procrastination, fear of failure, lack of identity and agency, and a general feeling of ‘being stuck’ are very common.  The gravity of the environmental challenges we now face is weighing heavy. Students often express to us that there are no “concrete” ways to really make a difference, especially as a single individual. We don’t want to see their motivation to pursue change and take up leadership roles decline.

Learn more about each episode here.