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A new collaboration has been forged with the Urban Salmon Project – Founder and Outdoor Storyteller Fernando Lessa. Fernando draws from his diving certification, Biology studies, and Master’s degree in Photography, in order to document freshwater environments. The amazing thing is that these environments are right in our backyards! This collaboration is allowing the Take a Stand Program to book schools for experiential learning opportunities for youth connected to wild salmon and salmon habitats through Fernando and his urban Salmon Walks. Fernando has strong experience in the field, having worked on projects in a wide variety of areas, including the untouched Amazon forest, the unique Brazilian savannah, the tropical rainforest of Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean. Urban Salmon is Fernando’s first project in North America, and within 3 years, the program has published books and documentary films and visited 28 creeks and rivers in Metro Vancouver alone. Visit www.urbansalmon.com.