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Outstanding films have been generated by youth as a result of our former video contest and Student Innovation Challenge. Check out the list of winners from our 2021 Student Innvation Challenge.


This film CANARIES OF THE COAST was created by two Grade 11 students (Winners of the 2021 Top Prize Overall) to generate positive change and to bring awareness about how human activities are destroying sensitive marine ecosystems of the Salish Sea. These talented students used a “critical lens” to highlight some of the problems connected to a local area (Pedder Bay of Vancouver Island), located near their school and on the ancestral territories of the Scia’new Beecher First Nations.


This film THE ESTUARY was created by several grade 7 and 8 students of a Squamish school and won Best Overview of a Critical Habitat (2021). The students artfully incorporated their knowledge of how estuaries are formed, and how they provide critical habitat for wild salmon and many other wildlife species. Simple things that we can do to preserve this critical habitat are suggested.


This film STONEY CREEK SALMON SAVERS was created by several Grade 6 and 7 students of a Community School in Burnaby and won Most Creative Community Initiative 2021. These youth highlight the various means by which they are helping to preserve wild salmon and wild salmon habitat – namely through restoration/mitigation (rain gardens), and through education and creative expressions (theatre and artworks).


Community Garden PDF

This presentation, which won Most Innovative Project 2021, was created by several Grade 9 to 12 students to highlight their Community Garden Initiative on Vancouver Island for improved land use and food security.



This film was created by two Grade 9 students to bring greater public awareness to climate change. It is centred around a beautiful poem and was highlighted on World Ocean Day (2020) by the Squamish Chief (July 20, 2020; Coast Mountain Academy duo takes a stand).



This fast-paced animated film was created by two Grade 7 students and outlines what you can do to help mitigate climate change.



This film was created by a Grade 9 student to improve our awareness of the devastating effects of clearcutting to wildlife, ecosystems, and our communities and livelihood. The creator further took part in a municipal youth delegation to promote better protection of trees within the West Vancouver District.



This film was created by a Grade 9 student to boost public awareness about our precious fresh water resources. It was featured at the SFU Blue conference on Community-Engaged Water Research.



This film was created by a Grade 9 student to underscore the present threats to our Southern Resident Orcas.



This film was created by a Grade 9 student to improve awareness about the extent of our plastics and microplastics wastes that are now broadly found in all ecosystems, and marine life, even plankton.