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MacKai Sharp is a powerful young filmmaker and photographer for which visual arts quickly made its way to the forefront of his life as the means of capturing his unique perspectives and self-expression. MacKai strives to capture authenticity and vulnerability in his work which evolved slowly as he recognized the value of connecting images to a greater narrative. Starting off as a project made in collaboration with the Youth Media Project, Mackai Sharp’s recent film Before The Beauty Is Gone had a long journey that started in February 2020, met with a 10-month hiatus due to COVID-19, prior to its release in March 2021.

With a unique focus on BC’s forage fish species – critical foundational species for many wildlife and ecosystems – production took place across north Vancouver Island, featuring citizen scientists and leading fishery scientists on Hornby Island; the film culminates with the voices of engaged citizens upon return to the Gulf Islands. Before The Beauty Is Gone has already reached wide acclaim across Vancouver Island, with the documentary being amplified by Pacific Wild, Hornby Island Conservancy and several other organizations. MacKai’s future goals are to highlight the people, places and stories that have gone unrepresented, without an audience; of fundamental importance to his life, “sharing stories” is the very reason he wakes up in the morning. The most recent member of our team, Mackai will continue his filmmaking and storytelling and lead and coordinate youth mentoring and youth engagement in the Take a Stand program via his immense talents in film and photography.