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Tony Allard, President of the Vancouver-based Hearthstone Investments, is the Founding Sponsor of the Take A Stand: Youth for Conservation program. His prior philanthropic support has enabled several research, education, and housing initiatives both close to home in Canada and abroad. An active proponent of conservation of the unique coastal habitats of British Columbia, Tony is a supporter of several research and conservation initiatives, including conservation of Wannock River Chinook salmon, the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project of the Pacific Salmon Foundation, and SFU-based research to address the underlying causes for the decline of Central Coast sockeye salmon populations, particularly in River’s Inlet. As owner and operator of The Good Hope Cannery, Tony has always had a passion for the region and its wildlife. Through his association with Mulgrave School in West Vancouver and his support of youth and education generally he immediately committed the funds necessary to launch the Take a Stand program as it concerns youth, education and conservation. He has practiced securities law in British Columbia and holds BA and LLB degrees from the University of Alberta.